A critical examination of historical and contemporary media stigmatisation of PUL communities in Northern Ireland

A critical examination of historical and contemporary media stigmatisation of PUL communities in Northern Ireland

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Keynote Speaker

Teleola Cartwright

Teleola is a committed race equality and education scholar and advocate. As a published academic and a law graduate she has used her research and soft advocacy skills managing projects supporting children excluded from mainstream education. She aims to influence educational and community policies so those from minority backgrounds are not systematically disadvantaged.

Keynote Speaker

Nick Cartwright

Nick is a Senior Lecturer in Law and researches equality and education. He is currently writing up his PhD which examines the experiences of students of group and team-based learning through the lens of critical race pedagogy. He has made several visits to NI as part of his research on identity and exclusion.

Guest Speaker and workshop facilitator

Roy Wallace

Senior lecturer Media Production – University of Northampton 2014-present

Roy is a doctoral candidate currently completing his PhD thesis with freelance documentary videomaking and streaming experience including ‘live’ recording on locations across the globe using a range of creative industries technologies. He is currently engaged in community led ‘Changemaker’ projects (radio/webTV/creative industries skills training) with director credits for another feature length documentary project to be filmed in Belfast summer 2020.

Workshop Facilitator

Andrew Kernaghan

Workshop facilitator

Andrew Kernaghan comes from Newry and has been a community development practitioner for over 25 years working with many groups to help them up the community development ladder. His community and professional background includes the Credit Union movement, Good Relations work as well as Event Planning, Cross-Border Peace and Reconciliation as well as Local Government. Andrew has attended The Rural College, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Columbia University in New York and with a strong interest in history & peace building, his academic qualifications include a BA (Hons) in Community Development.

Adree Wallace

Educated at South Bank University, London and Ulster University – Jordanstown. Adree is completing a four-year term as a Visiting Fellow in Law with the School of Business and & Law at University of Northampton.

Engaged in Community and Economic Development within Northern & Southern Ireland for over thirty years, engaged in pro-active peace building and social justice programmes focusing on themes including; conflict transformation, community development and the reintegration of politically motivated ex-prisoners and the delivery of conflict management programmes to a wide range of politically motivated ex-prisoner and former combatant groups and their families. Currently working in a mentoring capacity for Peace building and Capacity building projects within North Belfast and Newtownabbey.

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